The Three Main Factors Affecting Pottery Glaze Color

There are a number of variables that can effect a glaze’s color. These mainly fall within a group of three major factors.

  • The composition of the glaze. This not only includes the colorants in the glaze, but also other glaze materials that interact and effect that colorant or combination of colorants.
  • The temperature to which the glaze is fired. Some colorants are volatile and will dissipate into the kiln atmosphere if fired too high. Others give different colors at different temperatures.
  • The kiln’s atmosphere during firing and, in some cases, during cooling.



Chu Đậu plate under “Lê sơ” dynasty

DIMENSION: Top mouth diameter: 23 cm; Height: 5 cm; Bottom base diameter: 17 cm



DESCRIPTION (PLASTIC ART, SCULPTURE, PAINTING DECORATION): Open mouth plate, mouth periphery edge with reliefs made in middle line, body wall made bended and beveled, low and flat bottom base. The plate is shallow and large open with two stylized figures of leaves and flowers. The periphery part is decorated with 4 flowers and 4 branches of leavessymmetrically arranged. This decoration is confined by two thin lines running between the periphery edge and the central bottom part. The outer wall part is decorated with artistically stylized figures of lotus leaves.

ACTUAL SITUATION: A slight split line (4.5 cm long) in middle part of the plate

ORIGIN: Vietnam

TIME: 15-th Century