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The Pavilion Sale – Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art

On 4 October, Christie’s will offer over 200 lots of Chinese ceramics and works of art in the Pavilion Sale, including a selection of Ming and Qing porcelain, a group of Yaozhou and Longquan celadon wares, a number of ceramic pillows from various kilns, together with a few nicely carved jades, exquisite glass wares, scholar’s objects and soapstone seals. Highlights of this sale are a rare blue and white ‘immortals’ garlic-mouth vase and a wucai bowl from the Wanli period.

Source: https://www.christies.com/salelanding/index.aspx?lid=1&intsaleid=27579&dt=209201872547&saletitle=&cid=em_emlcontent04144a478b-list-item-2_0&cid=dm223647&bid=149411606